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  • LINX Dial-A-Taste® control lets you decide how your water tastes!

  • LINX Drinking Water Systems save water, save money, and save time.

  • LINX Technology provides three layers of protection when filtering contaminants from your water.

  • The efficiency of LINX technology, when compared to traditional reverse osmosis filters, will save you money on your water bill.

  • Set and forget – LINX Technology adjusts to your water needs and conditions.

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1Better Tasting

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LINX Dial-A-Taste® let’s you decide how your water tastes! Learn more…

2Less Waste

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LINX Drinking Water Systems save water, save money, and save time.Learn more…

3Cleaner & Healthier

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LINX Technology provides three layers of protection when filtering contaminants from your water. Learn more…

4Affordable Purchase Options

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The efficiency of LINX technology, when compared to traditional RO filters, will save you money. Learn more…

5Simple to Use

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Set and forget – LINX Technology adjusts to your water needs and conditions. Learn more…


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The New LINX 160 – Our Most Innovative Drinking Water System Ever

NewLINX_FaucetandTank Inside the LINX 160 Drinking Water System

Pionetics is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest drinking water system – the LINX® 160. Like our LINX 140 model, this new system features the LINX TDS reduction technology and proprietary ion exchange process. The result is a smaller, more compact system that produces 20-35 gallons (80-140 liters) per day of healthy, great-tasting drinking water at a far more affordable price point.

Even though this new LINX system is smaller and produces less water daily, it still offers the same quality performance LINX 140. Pionetics is happy to offer the LINX 160 to consumers and dealers at a significantly more affordable price point – making LINX technology available to more people. Click here to see a video on this system works.

Like the LINX 140, the new LINX 160 also includes the patented Dial-A-Taste® control our customers love; featuring a new, easy-to-use dial. This feature allows consumers to control the level of TDS in their water – effectively being able to dial their water taste preferences. In addition to all the same features LINX 140 customers have come to rely on, the LINX 160 Drinking Water System boasts the highest nitrate and nitrite reduction available in home drinking water systems!

In addition to being compact, eco-friendly, and affordable, the LINX 160 is conveniently easier to service. The Field Service Assistant (FSA), allows the Dealer to optimize the performance of the system based upon the feedwater quality. Another huge improvement, the entire case lifts off for remarkably easy access when servicing the system.

Speaking of service, with on-board indicator lights, consumers will know when it’s time to replace the filter and won’t waste any time guessing what their drinking water system needs. The LINX 160 is available as an under-the-sink model or as a bottleless water cooler and offers our customers the following features not available with any other drinking water system on the market:

    • Operates using programmable software and display indicator lights that provide the consumer with detailed yet simple information about the system status.
    • Dial-A-Taste Control that allows the consumer to customize the taste of their drinking water for more or less mineral content.
    • Field Service Assistant which enables the technician to reprogram the LINX unit based on feedwater quality, further optimizing water recovery rates, customizing the system’s performance, and maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.
  The LINX 160 is our most compact and economical system yet, making the LINX 160 affordable for nearly any budget. To find out more about this exciting new drinking water system, click here.

History of Drinking Water Systems

The LINX drinking water system represents one of the greatest leaps forward in the drinking water industry since the RO was introduced. It provides similar quality water as RO and at about the same cost, but with greatly reduced water wastage. To view the significant advances in the drinking water system throughout history, click the timeline here.

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